To search for a ROM link listing page in order to place a link request, follow the foregoing steps. It is important to follow the recommended steps closely. Otherwise the desired ROM page may not show up in the results even though we have it

  1. Click the Search ROMs… field above (as shows below)


  1. Type only the model name or number. Examples: for Mobicel GEM, type only: GEM in the search ROMs field. And for Vodafone VFD300, type only: VFD300 in the search ROMs field.
  2. Then Click Enter on your computer or mobile device’s keyboard
  3. If more than one listings are shown on the results, look for the one that best matches the ROM or ROM file you need
  4. Click ‘Request the link’ button underneath. (the button looks like the one shown below

Tip. Another way to find out if we have the ROM you are looking for is to post a request here: